Collette Mruk

Hi! Im supposed to write in here and WOW you with how long I've been shooting, the professional cameras I shoot with and all the "passion" I have for what I do.



I'd rather tell you.. this is my family. we were in the military for 20 years, my husband served 9 tours in Iraq. We got out and moved to Florida.. did you know it's like super hot there? yeah.. it is! So we moved to Washington State about an hour from Seattle. My girls both attend Western Washington University.. one is in an environmental program cause she is destined to SAVE THE WHALES! The other is working towards a degree in marketing and I just know one day she will own her own crystal shop/bakery/ cat cafe! The boy pictured is my daughters boyfriend. In a few years if you fly Alaskan Airlines.. he may be your pilot.


We also have three dogs... our old man Dixon and two boston terriers who are the highlight of my instagram stories!


We love to travel, cruise and hang together. It's often my kids will be with me on a shoot and a lot of my dancers and their moms now join us for adventure sessions in Washington and around the world.


So my passion is my family... my passion is creating something unique and my passion will always be about memories!

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